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Cali receives the flag of TWG2013

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Viernes, Enero 13, 2012

Cali receives the flag of TWG2013


In the closing ceremony of The World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung City, Dr. Pascual Guerrero receives the flag of the World Games from hands of Ron Froehlich, President of the IWGA.

(Kaohsiung), the President of the International Association of the World Games Ron Froehlich said yesterday: "The World Games 2013 will be held in Cali, Colombia. Froehlich officially revealed the Executive Committee's decision to grant the rights to host the 9th edition of the World Games to the city of Cali with 2 million people in southern Colombia, in a press conference in Kaohsiung, where the games are currently taking place he games will be held for the first time in South America." On behalf of the city , Pascual Guerrero said that the motivation theme of the games will be The World Games for a clean planet." He also reported the intention of the organizing committee to give special attention to the environment. We want fair play for the environment, "said Executive Committee Chairman of Cali.

Ron Froehlich explained the decision to choose Cali as the next host based on his experience in hosting major sports events. Cali recently conducted national championships with over 6,000 participants. The city also has carried out the Pan American Games and many other international championships and has already achieved much of the infrastructure.

Pascual Guerrero explains the decision to bid for TWG2013: "The enthusiasm among the public here in Kaohsiung shows that we can look forward to having the games in Cali." According to him, the event gives people in South America the opportunity to learn about interesting and fascinating sports, and is a great opportunity to promote urban development.

The formal contract between Cali and the IWGA about the scene will be signed in September 2009. An agreement memorandum has been signed during the World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung.

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