Monday, August 6, 2012

The Curiosity Rover Landing Mission Mars FIX University @ / London 2012

  1. NASA Mars Rover Landing: Curiosity Lands, Beams Back Pictures of Mars Surface

    Curiosity beamed back pictures from the surface showing its wheel and its shadow. *More:

    by ABCNews 15 hours ago 143,564 views

  2. Raw Video: NASA Celebrates Mars Rover Landing

    The most high-tech rover NASA has ever designed has now landed on Mars, after making an acrobatic landing on the planet's surface. (Aug. 6)

    by AssociatedPress 16 hours ago 57,865 views

  3. NASA TV Capture of MSL Curiosity Rover Landing on Mars

    This is a screen capture of the 5 minutes before, and 5 minutes after, the NASA MSL Curiosityrover landed on Mars. The entire mission control ...

    by Raam Dev 16 hours ago 52,872 views

  4. Curiosity Has Landed

    Relive the nail-biting terror and joy as NASA's Curiosity rover successfully landed on Mars the evening of Aug. 5 PDT (morning of Aug. 6 EDT). See ...

    by JPLnews 4 hours ago 304 views

  5. Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Landing in NASA Eyes on the Solar System

    NASA Eyes on the Solar System: Mars Science Laboratory landing times 10:31pm PDT - August 5, 2012 12:31am CDT - August 6, 2012 1 ...

    by kurtjmac 1 day ago 22,474 views

  6. Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity Rover) Mission Animation

    This artist's concept animation depicts key events of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission, which will launch in late 2011 and land a rover ...

    by JPLnews 1 year ago 652,636 views

  7. Video: Mars rover Curiosity lands on Red Planet after '7 minutes of terror'

    Touchdown! 0:40 Robotic rover Curiosity has successfully landed in Mars' Gale Crater. Thelanding, described by NASA as "seven minutes of terror ...

    by RussiaToday 15 hours ago 99,604 views

  8. Mars 'Curiosity' Landing May Lead to Scientific Goldmine

    Precisely on time and target, NASA's Curiosity rover touched down safely on Mars Monday to begin an ambitious two-year trek through the ...

    by WSJDigitalNetwork 7 hours ago 846 views

  9. Curiosity landing: NASA and JPL Mars mission engineers high-fiving each other.

    As the post-landing press conference begins, NASA and JPL MSL leaders high-five and cheer with the Mars rover engineering and flight control team ...

    by boingboingvideo 4 hours ago 517 views

  10. Experience the Mars Rover Curiosity Landing with These Awesome Apps!

    Be a part of human exploration into outer space as the beloved rover named Curiosity lands on Mars this Monday, August 6th, 2012! We're about to ...

    by AppJudgment 2 days ago 2,883 views

  11. NASA Mars Rover Landing: Curiosity during touchdown 8/6/12

    [ NASA Mars landing control room Audio during touchdown Video Simulation ] Published on Aug 6, 2012 by ThePhantomNetwork After nearly nine months ...

    by ThePhantomNetwork 13 hours ago 1,439 views

  12. NASA 2012 - Curiosity Mars Rover - Entry and Landing

    I recorded the last few minutes of the entry of Curiosity because I couldn't get a hold of my father in time to watch it. This is from the NASA ...

    by Ramblingcoder 16 hours ago 23,932 views

  13. Curiosity Landing on Mars - JPL Control Center

    NASA's site has struggled to meet the demands today.... Here's the short 11-minute coverage direct from the main Control Center during the ...

    by Paul Cox 7 hours ago 697 views

  14. Curiosity's Historic Mars Landing

    Live from the NASA control room--from atmosphere entry to historic Mars landing. Jump to touchdown confirmation: Public domain video from ...

    by jamestsanders 15 hours ago 3,399 views

  15. Skywatching Mars During Curiosity Landing? - Where to Look | Video

    Mars, Saturn and the bright star Spica will form a tight triangle in the western sky on August 5th that will be visible after sunset. The Mars ...

    by VideoFromSpace 3 days ago 657 views

  16. NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity Ready For Historic Landing ... NASA's Mars Mission: Weather on Mars looks great for huge roverlanding tonight at Gale Crater on Mars: NASA's one-ton ...

    by Best0fScience 1 day ago 13,025 views

  17. Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror

    Experts at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory ( JPL ) share the challenges of Curiosity's rover final 7 minutes to landing on the surface of Mars on ...

    by carlosreyes11 3 weeks ago 213,832 views

  18. Full Video of Curiosity Landing on Mars Full video of curiosity landing on Mars. Watch all 22 minutes of this successful landing, including the "seven minutes of terror ...

    by DrJohnBurch 15 hours ago 728 views

  19. 7 Minutes Of Terror: Curiosity Rover Landing On Mars - First Look

    Footage of stations while the #Curiosity Rover lands on Mars. Follow "Curiosity" on Twitter for live updates from Nasa View Official ...

    by youokmate 16 hours ago 2,562 views

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