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Track Cycling

The diversity of Track Cycling events makes it one of the most complex sports to time. Quite different timing methods are required for various styles of race.

For many years we, as Tissot Timing, have been a key partner of the UCI, enhancing our innovation in developing new timing systems.

How does it work?

Events such as the Sprint Qualification, Individual and Team Pursuits, Time Trials and the Team Sprint require very high-precision devices to deliver the required precision of 1/1000th of a second as the rider crosses the line(s). The entire width of the start, finish and pursuit lines are active sensors, sending signals to the timing system whenever a wheel passes over it.

The Keirin, Sprint, Points Race and Madison use the photo-finish concept to indisputably establish the order of finishing. It is also used to verify points allocation in Madison and points races.

Cyclist being held in a starting gate

A unique starting system is integrated into the timing system for certain races. The starting gate uses brake pads similar to a street bicycle to hold the rider on the start line. Our innovation, certified by the UCI, automates the entire process beginning with a 50 second countdown displayed in front of the rider(s). At "0", hydraulics release the rider and the timing starts. The countdown display then shows the rider "laps to go". In the case of pursuit races, red and green lamps on the display will illuminate as each rider crosses their finish line visually indicating the smallest of gaps.

SWISS TIMING technicians install transponders on the bicycles for all events (except for the Madison). The data collected from these enhance and speeds up detailed race statistics, provides additional security to the timing and can aid UCI officials resolve race disputes.

All this technology connects and integrates with our high-performance IT system, which is at the heart of processing and progressing the data for major competitions.

Scope of service

  • Timing & Scoring
  • Transponder system
  • Public & specific scoreboards
  • OVR
  • CIS
  • Team information (by Bluetooth)
  • Photo finish
  • TV graphics

Timing and Scoring

  • Display of start lists, ranking, running time, competition progress on full matrix or video board (according to ORIS documentation)
  • Calculation of results (standings, ranking, cup or championship rankings)


Members of the OVR team

  • Creation and printing of start lists, data entry and results production
  • Provision of timing data and results to real-time displays such as scoreboards
  • Live results to TV graphics, information systems and Internet

TV graphics

  • Production of online graphics in SD and HD
  • Display of running time, time to beat, pursuit gaps, intermediate and finish time(s)
  • Display of distances and average speed
  • Display of start lists, intermediate and final results
  • Presentation of athletes information
  • Provision of cup standings
  • Special rankings (e.g. , by nation, team, medal tables)
  • Display of photo finish images


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