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Presidential Elections Colombia

Elections in Colombia

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Elections in Colombia is regulated and controlled by the National Electoral Council which also gives information on elections and election results in for the politics of Colombia.

Colombia elects on national level a head of state - the president - and a legislature. The president is elected for a four year term by the people. The Congress' (Congreso) has two chambers. The Chamber of Representatives(Cámara de Representantes) has 162 members, elected for a four year term by proportional representation. TheSenate of the Republic (Senado de la República) has 102 members, elected for a four year term by proportional representation. Colombia has a two-party system, which means that there are two dominant political parties, a situation which has usually meant that it would be difficult for anybody to achieve significant electoral success under the banner of any other party. Dissidents from the two main parties usually have chances to win elections, if they are not confronted by strong challengers from their own former party (in which cases their traditional opponents tend to win). Recent electoral inroads made by a number of independent candidates towards the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, such as the elections of Antanas Mockus and later Luis Eduardo Garzón as mayors of Bogotá, amid a climate of perceived generalized dissatisfaction with the country's traditional political background, have tended to shows signs that past electoral trends may be weakening and the potential for diversity could be increasing.



[edit]Latest elections

[edit]2006 Presidential election

ed Summary of the 28 May 2006 Colombian presidential election results
Parties - CandidatesVotes%
Álvaro Uribe Vélez - Colombia First (Primero Colombia)7,363,42162.35
Carlos Gaviria Díaz - Alternative Democratic Pole (Polo Democrático Alternativo)2,609,41222.04
Horacio Serpa Uribe - Colombian Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Colombiano)1,401,17311.84
Antanas Mockus Sivickas - Indigenous Social Alliance Movement (Movimiento Alianza Social Indígena)146,5401.24
Enrique Parejo González - National Democratic Reconstruction (Reconstrucción Democrática Nacional)44,6100.38
Álvaro Leyva Durán - National Movement for Reconciliation (Movimiento Nacional de Reconciliación)22,0390.19
Carlos Arturo Rincón Barreto - Colombian Community and Communal Political Movement (Movimiento Politico Comunal y Comunidad Colombiano)20,4770.17
Total votes for candidates11,607,67298.05
Blank votes230,7491.95
Total valid votes11,838,421100.00
Null votes136,326
Unmarked ballots84,041
Total votes cast (turnout 45.1%)12,058,788
Registered voters26,731,700
Source: Registraduría Nacional del Estado Civil.

[edit]2006 Parliamentary election

ed Summary of the 12 March 2006 Chamber of Representatives of Colombia election results
Colombian Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Colombiano)2,646,40419.031
Social National Unity Party/Party of the U (Partido Social de Unidad Nacional, also known as Partido de la U)1,453,35316.728
Colombian Conservative Party (Partido Conservador Colombiano)1,363,65615.826
Radical Change (Cambio Radical)932,20710.718
Wings - Team Colombia Movement (Movimiento Alas Equipo Colombia)370,7894.38
Citizens' Convergence (Convergencia Ciudadana)397,9034.68
Alternative Democratic Pole (Polo Democrático Alternativo)708,6648.214
Liberal Opening (Apertura Liberal)199,8102.34
Regional Integration Movement (Movimiento Integración Regional)91,5471.12
Democratic Colombia Party (Partido Colombia Demócrata)215,7532.55
National Movement (Movimiento Nacional)175,0122.04
United People's Movement (Movimiento Popular Unido)129,9771.53
For the Country of our Dreams (Por el País que soñamos)99,5651.12
Huila New and Liberalism (Huila Nuevo y Liberalismo)80,6880.92
Mira Movement (Movimiento Mira)233,9202.75
Social Action Party (Partido de Acción Social)52,3400.60
Renovation Movement Labour Action (Movimiento Renovación Acción Laboral)33,3080.40
National Salvation Movement (Movimiento de Salvación Nacional)28,9750.30
People's Participation Movement (Movimiento de Participación Popular)18,4490.20
Progressive National Movement (Movimiento Nacional Progresista)8,1460.10
Total votes for parties (turnout 40.54%)8,678,535100.0162
Sources: Adam Carr and Registraduría Nacional del Estado Civil
ed Summary of the 12 March 2006 Senate of Colombia election results
Social National Unity Party/Party of the U (Partido Social de Unidad Nacional, also known as Partido de la U)17.4920
Colombian Conservative Party (Partido Conservador Colombiano)16.1318
Colombian Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Colombiano)15.5218
Radical Change (Cambio Radical)13.3615
Alternative Democratic Pole (Polo Democrático Alternativo)9.7410
Citizens' Convergence (Convergencia Ciudadana)6.257
Wings - Team Colombia Movement (Movimiento Alas Equipo Colombia)4.685
Democratic Colombia Party (Partido Colombia Demócratica)2.853
Mira Movement (Movimiento Mira)2.352
Living Colombia Movement (Movimiento Colombia Viva)2.462
Let the Moreno play movement (Movimiento Dejen Jugar al Moreno)1.500
Visionaries with Antanas Mockus (Visionarios con Antanas Mockus)0.770
Comunitarian Participation Movement (Movimiento de Participación Comunitaria)0.560
Communal and Comunitarian Movement of Colombia (Movimiento Comunal y Comunitario de Colombia)0.420
Colombia Unite Movement (Movimiento Únete Colombia)0.170
Independent Conservatism (Conservatismo Independiente)0.140
National Democratic Reconstruction (Reconstrucción Democrática Nacional)0.080
Progressive National Movement (Movimiento Nacional Progresista)0.090
Indigenous Social Alliance (Alianza Social Indigena)2
Total valid votes (turnout 40.54%) 102
Sources: Registraduria Nacional del Estado Civil, Caracol Radio
ed 2006 elections to the 2 seats reserved for Indigenous in the Senate of Colombia
Indigenous Social Alliance (Alianza Social Indigena)ASI44,55728.271
Indigenous Authorities of Colombia (Autoridades Indigenas de Colombia)AICO21,30413.521
Total (turnout %)
Source: Registraduria Nacional del Estado Civil.

Note: As the blank vote percentage was 58.21% (more than 50%), this special election must be repeated, with the same parties but different candidates [1]

[edit]Past elections

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