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'Fox News Lies!' OWS owns Geraldo Rivera


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Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera attempted to report from the Occupy Wall Street protests in Lower Manhattan today but was forced to abort the broadcast after a throng of demonstrators led a rally of anti-Fox jeers. The incident was caught on camera by RT's Lucy Kafanov.

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  • Such an irony. A russian television network accused of being manipulative and "unashamedly pro-Putin" gives us coverage about FOX News, an american television network accused of being manipulative and unashamedly pro-republican.

  • Fox lies about most..its sad its on the air.

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  • @back2backband1

    negroids prey on white people like this while both liberals and conservatives pay for their housing and survival in america.. negroids work in the media now.

  • he is a jew form mexico. these old smelly jews and half jews are on their last legs. they had influence in the 1960s but it is now 2012. mexicans hate jewry.

  • @back2backband1 I hope this was an attempt at being funny.

  • @deadstoners Please enlighting us............ What news network should people watch? WELL That does not lean far left? Well liberals have ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NPR, The BBC, PBS, MSNBC, HBO, Comedy network,TE VIEW, SNL, HISTORY CHANNEL, NET FLIX ONLINE (ALL LIBERAL MOVIES) disney channel, New york times then theres FOX WHICH LEANS RIGHT! Thats very balanced NO?

  • look at all those white people at the OWS protest! they are racist! there are no blacks!

  • that was awesome! This is the "how to Occupy, The American Way" video

  • Give me liberty, or give me death.

  • @li0blf0 dont try logic on the anti-american useful idiots - they cannot answer you

  • Poor Geraldo, yes he works for a VERY fucked up news corporation, BUT, he's the only nigga on that station with a SHRED of honesty, morality or credibility, the only knock on him is he works for FNC.

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